Get the most out of Laser Hair Removal

Getting the most out of your Laser Hair Removal treatment. At AV Laser Aesthetics, Armagh, we take our customers’ safety seriously and provide information & tips on the best practices for Laser treatments & keeping your skin healthy. Here are a few tips how to do so.


1) Avoiding tanning and sun exposure:

It is very important avoid sun exposure for laser hair removal appointments anything over 30min outside. You should avoid that at least a week before and after your appointment schedule. Using correct sunscreen also very crucial, sunscreen with zinc oxide would protect your skin, or protective clothing or avoiding outdoors with sun at the hottest peek.

Tanning lotions, tanning beds, sunburns, can have adverse effects from the laser. It can cause burns, blisters or skin discoloration. Wait 2 weeks before getting laser or until skin is as close to your natural skin colour.


2) Avoid plucking and waxing:

Did you know that laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicles. Waxing or plucking removes entire hair shaft and follicle, leaving nothing for the laser to target. This is why you advised to rebook in 4 weeks after waxing. Otherwise that can reduce effectiveness of the treatment.


3) Exfoliating:

Exfoliating skin regularly helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and skin become smoother surface, allowing laser energy work more effectively in the targeted hair follicles. Also can minimise the risk of ingrown hair after the laser hair procedure. When dead skin cells are removed helps to prevent trapped hairs from becoming ingrown. Also by removal of dead skin cells it can improve overall comfort of the treatment. Dead skin cells and debris on the skin can absorb laser energy and that means increased heat and discomfort during treatment.


4) Shave before each treatment:

Shaving removes the growth of the hair on the skin surface, that means laser targets hair follicles directly. Area should be shaved 12-24 hours before your appointment for best results. Hair on the surface and if it is longer hair can absorb laser energy before it reaches the follicles, and that can reduce effectiveness of the treatment. By shaving area clean as possible ensures laser energy focusing on the follicle.


5) Follow the recommended treatment schedule:

Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results. The number of treatments will depend on various factors, that incudes your hair colour, skin type, and treatment area. Follow up the recommended treatment schedule provided by your therapist. Consistency is a key to laser

hair removal, treatment target hair follicles in different growth stages. Skipping or extending time between can reduce the effectiveness of the results.


6) Communicate openly with you therapist:

During your laser removal treatment it is essential to communicate openly with your provider about your experience, any pain or discomfort and your expectations. Also important to tell if any changes in your health changes or medications you are taking to avoid complications.


7) Taking care of your skin after:

After the session it is important to take care of your skin and let it heal. Avoid hot showers, saunas, steam rooms, at least 24 hours after heat can irritate and increase skin sensitivity. Apply aloe vera and avoid wearing tight clothing. And no scratching or picking after to avoid any infections. Follow up post-treatment instructions best possible for best results.


8) Individual response to treatment:

Every persons body and hair are unique, so we get individual responses to laser hair removal and results can very from person to person. Some people can see noticeable results after few sessions and some might need more sessions to see results. It is important to have realistic expectations and be patient. At AV Laser & Aesthetics we can accommodate you and work with you for the packages and many types of clients.


9) Customized treatments:

laser treatments may require adjustments over time based on changes in your skin condition, response to treatment or other factors. That allows us to flexibility in adapting the treatment plan as needed to optimize results and address any changes that may occur during the course of treatment. Therapist may adjust the laser setting or treatment approach based on your feedback to ensure the best possible results. Individual responses may vary depending on how your hair follicles react to the treatment but results might take time to become noticeable.

By following these tips, you can help get the most out of your laser hair removal treatments. With proper care and patience, laser hair removal can provide you with long-lasting results and hair free skin. You can call and discuss laser hair removal with me directly on 07849821273, just keep in mind that if I’m with a client most likely will ring you back on the convenient time to suit us both for a chat. If you are ready to make your life a lot easier and hair free it is time to contact us to discuss the treatment plan that suits you best.

For more information about our Laser Hair Removal treatments at AV Laser Aesthetics, Armagh, please GET IN TOUCH!